United Way's Commitment to Education

One of United Way's priorities is to focus on Early Learning and Development so that all children and youth achieve their full potential, complete high school and set a course toward a bright future. 


Did you  know...


  • There are approximately 56,000 children aged 0 to 6 years living in Edmonton.  That's 14% of Edmonton's population!
  • During the first few years of life, development takes place at an incredible rate, with the brain tripling in size by the time a child reaches three.
  • In 2009, around 75% of children 0 to 6 were in some form of child care (either full or part-time).
  • The average monthly cost of accredited child care in Edmonton is $671 per child.
  • In 2006, the average income for child care centre staff with Early Childhood Education credentials in Alberta was $22,009.
  • In 2006, 26% of Canadian familes were single-parent.
  • 31% of kindergarten children in Edmonton have difficulties in one or more areas of development. (Early Childhood Development Mapping Project. Feb. 2013)  This is higher than the national average of 25% of Canadian children under 6 years-- from all backgrounds-- who were "vulnerable" at the time of school entry.
  • Data shows that more than 75% of vulnerable children in Canada live in non-poor families.
  • Canada ranked 21st out of 21 OECD countries (last place) in terms of access and public investment in early childhood programs and services. 





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