To read report - click here

To read report- click here

 There is a resource grid that supports people in Alberta – it keeps citizens healthy and provides opportunities for success. The grid is made up of schools, health centres, libraries and other institutions that make resources available when people need them. In the early years from birth to age six, when research shows that some of the most important factors that contribute to high school graduation actually start, the grid needs to be set up in a way that allows resources to run effectively in order to build a strong foundation for learning.

The Early Years Continuum Project, successfully wrapped up on March 31, 2014. The project explored where gaps existed and how best to close them so every family could get the resources they needed with ease and consistency. This four-year community-based learning project was funded by Alberta Education. Our United Way was proud to facilitate the stewardship under our Success By 6® initiative.

The project focus was to learn from community, and actively engage three sites in Alberta – one in High Prairie, and two in Edmonton (Lymburn and Knottwood). Each community developed innovative ways to create a strong and accessible resource grid to meet their local needs. By observing and collecting the experiences of more than 500 parents, numerous service providers and communities, strategies were explored to increase access to positive experiences and decrease barriers. Overall, each community improved the capacity to create change, with 73% of service providers reporting increased collaboration to deliver supports and services. Parent involvement and ability to inform delivery increased and, by the end of the project, 80% of service providers reported a better understanding of what parents want in services.

The outcome has strengthened the foundation for children’s success, in life and school, with the goal of bettering high school completion rates in our province.


To understand the work of EYCP and learn more about the three communities that were involved, please watch this video.

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The Executive Summary can be found HERE.

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We also compiled a report capturing the voice of parents, in order to 'learn from the village'. To read the report, please click HERE

A handout for parents about the EYCP project, click HERE.



A handout for professionals working with younger children, click HERE 

A handout for professionals working with older children, click HERE

A handout about the entire project, click HERE

Final literature review about early years project, click HERE.

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