Through the support of Alberta Human Services The Kid Kit® has been re-developed by Success By 6® an inititative managed by United Way of the Alberta Captial Region.  Guidance for this project was provided by an advisory committee consisting of representatives from Alberta Health Services, Centre for Family Literacy, Alberta Home Visitation Network Association, Early Childhood Development Support Services and Alberta Human Services.

The Kid Kit® is a resource and tool to support adult capacity to facilitate child development and responsive interactions. With the involvement of a trusted home visitor, parents explore and strengthen their understanding of child development and build their own capacity to engage with their child in meaningful and positive ways.

In 2015-2016 5000 Kid Kits will be delivered across Alberta through home visitation networks and Parent Link Centers.  There are a total of 5 kits for children from birth to 5 years.  Each kit contains activity cards highlighting developmental benefits as well as books and playthings for developing early literacy and fine motors skills.

Anticipated project outcomes include:

  • increasing parent understanding of child development
  • improving parents ability to find creative ways to engage in play activities in everyday moments using simple household items
  • fostering engagement between parents and children in the important ‘serve and return’ or give and take of relationships, which we know are critically important in building healthy brains
  • expanding parents awareness of community programs and services that are available to them
  • building capacity of practitioners to coach and support parents

For more information on The Kid Kit® contact Mary Stewart - Interim Director, CBI Children & Youth United Way of the Alberta Capital Region


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