By investing in children and youth, we increase the rate of high school completion and, ultimately, greatly improve further education and employment opportunities, thus decreasing the likelihood of poverty.

What We Do - Success By 6...

Educates the public on the importance of the early years and their connection to today’s social issues.

Leverages pertinent research to build the case for the importance of the early years.

Partners with organizations who have similar mandates in order to broaden the reach of the dialogue.

Influences government policy via public engagement and media relations.

Supports all 60,000 children between 0 and 6 years and their families living in Edmonton.

Why Invest in Children?

Canada spends the least of all developed countries on early childhood development and care.  As a result, upon entering kindergarten between 25 to 30 percent of Alberta children (not including those diagnosed with severe disabilities) are vulnerable in one or more aspects of their development and may struggle to hold a pencil, play cooperatively with their peers, tell a short story about their day, or follow classroom instructions.



Success By 6...

Supports the community by engaging and educating people about the importance of the early years in a child's life.

Advocates for for affordable, high-quality learning, development and care opportunities.

Builds strong early childhood services that are coordinated and sustainable.

Strenghthens services for young children and families in areas such as healthy growth and development, literacy, parenting and nutrition.

Encourages the professionalization of early learning and care staff.

Envisions a community where all children feel valued, respected, nurtured and loved.



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